Heather's Marylebone Apartment

A peek inside Heather's home

My extremely talented business partner, Heather Kane, has spent the last couple of years designing and renovating her London apartment.  Inspired by her love for mismatched eras and styles, the apartment is home to an array of antique and bespoke pieces from all over the world.
These photographs, taken by Billy Bolton, document the finished project, with captions from Heather herself. The apartment has also been featured in the January issue of Living Etc magazine. 

We hope you like it!
Frances Loom Heather's kitchen
Frances Loom Heather's kitchen
Frances Loom Heather's kitchen
Maddison and Sons built the kitchen cabinetry and all of the wardrobes and cabinetry throughout the house. I was keen for a panelled wall look, rather than a cabinet look. I would say that I designed them, with Red Deer, and James Maddison made it happen.


Kitchen: Marble Counter - Calacatta Oro, The Stone Collection | Taps - The Brooklyn by Watermark Collection | Lights - vintage empire basket 

Dining room: Table - flea market top, bespoke base by Vintage Industrial MetalsChairs - Thonet and Gasisa | Mirror over fire - Edwardian chateaux, The House of AntiquesSconces - Rouse Home Rivoli Sconce

Frances Loom Heather's living room
Frances Loom Heather's kitchen

Eames chair - Ebay | Sideboard - Andrew Martin (+ painted) | Artwork - Religious iconography collected from markets and antique shops | Sofa - Tine k home | Vintage Chandelier - 1970's Venini chandelier | Vintage Glass cabinet - Pure white lines | Antique rugs - Frances loom | Footstool - bespoke | TV frame - Samsung

Frances Loom Heather's bay window
Frances Loom Heather's living room
The house is very black and white, but after my last house that revolved around a velvet green sofa, I'm happy for the serenity that the muted colours bring. There's lots of coziness in the textures and mismatched eras and styles of pieces that keep it interesting for me. I spend a lot of time in this room.

I have been collecting religious iconography for years but the large oval frame is a recent buy from an antiques market in Lille, France
Frances Loom Heather's second bedroom
Frances Loom Heather's second bedroom
Armchair - vintage, flea market | Antique Victorian Pier glass Mirror - Hunt Antiques | Bespoke Linen - Magic Linen, Etsy | Wall lights - Etsy, Inscapes Design | Antique bedside cabinets - flea market
Frances Loom Heather's second bedroom
Frances Loom En suite bathroom
Frances Loom Heather's en suite bathroomTaps - Hintons Bathrooms | Shower door - bespoke | Feathered Crystal Light - vintage, Murano Felci glass | Mirror - bespoke | Shower & Countertop - Tadelakt plaster | Floor tyles - Calacatta Oro, Imperial marble
Frances Loom Heather's master bedroom
Frances Loom Heather's wood panelling
Frances Loom Heather's second bedroom

Oil painting by Alexandria Coe | Bed linen - Soak & Sleep | Headboard - bespoke Japanese double-faced linen slipcover | Angled lights - Wo and We | Vintage Moroccan rugs - Etsy | Vintage chests/suitcase- flea markets | Dresser - antique | Art above dresser - antique and collected | Wall lights - Light Cookie

Frances Loom Heather's master bedroom
Frances Loom - Heather's apartmentThis room is actually my trouble spot. I expect it will have a few more renaissances before I settle in. all of the other spaces have an undone aspect to them, and this one is rather "perfect" for me at the moment, so I'm still finding the right way to incorporate a looser, more interesting vibe.
Floor-standing mirror - Graham & Green | Antique armchair - Flea market |  Feather hat - vintage, Cameroon juju hat
Frances Loom Heather's bathroom
Frances Loom Heather's bathroom
Wooden stools - African antique, Etsy | Bespoke bath Taps - Hintons Bathrooms | Mirror - Heal's | Antique Lion's head tap - Ebay Frances Loom Heather's bathroom
Photos: Billy Bolton



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Perfection in every way! An inviting sanctuary….thank you for sharing!

Linda Saunders February 04, 2020

I can’t stop looking at everything! Absolutely beautiful!

Caroline December 31, 2019

Oh, yes. I would live here. Exquisite.

Dinah Kirgo December 31, 2019

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