About Frances Loom

Frances Loom is an international, ethical lifestyle brand that creates spaces with depth, character, and soul. Offering a mix of our own designs and contemporary classics from brands we love, we bridge an iconic heritage perspective with a modern point of view. Our offering spans furniture, rugs, accessories, and interior design—all of which transcends time, trend or place. For us, it’s personal. Interiors are an extension of oneself, and we work with independent artisans and designers to create spaces that feel eclectic and comfortable—with an emphasis on longevity and craftsmanship.

About Kelly

Frances Loom was founded in 2014 by Kelly Vittengl, a New York-born, London-based interior designer with a deep and genuine love for vintage furniture. The brand quickly gained a loyal following as a go-to source for antique rugs and design inspiration. Kelly’s impeccable taste and intuitive ability to balance eclectic heritage pieces with a modern point of view gives Frances Loom its distinctive point of view.

About Heather

Heather joined Frances Loom in 2018 after meeting Kelly and discovering that they shared a unique design aesthetic. While building tech companies over the last decade, Heather nurtured a passion for renovation and interior decoration. Her spaces have been published in interior magazines and blogs (and they’re some of the most loved images on Frances Loom’s Instagram). Heather lives in London and lives for that signature Frances Loom look: layered, eclectic, and interesting—yet peaceful.

Our Ethos

We are committed to creating timeless pieces that showcase outstanding creativity and sustainability whenever possible. We are driven by our passion for circularity and craftsmanship; we always source and design with these attributes in mind, and have the utmost respect for the provenance and people behind our pieces.