Rhodes, Greece

About 3 weeks ago, my housemate texted me while I was back in New York to see if I wanted to go to Greece the first weekend of June. At first it seemed a bit aggressive and I hesitated, then I remembered that flying to Greece from London is like flying to Florida from New York... Bingo! Twenty minutes later, a weekend in Greece was in the books. We decided to go to Rhodes to try out a new(ish) hotel called Casa Cook. The hotel is absolutely stunning, I almost felt as though I was transported to Palms Springs... but better. We spent a few days by the pool, drinking cocktails and eating their delicious food - the hotel food was actually the best we found on the island (besides the pre-flight gyros we found at a teeny restaurant near the airport).
The island of Rhodes itself is a bit hit and miss. You have to know the good spots, which the locals at the hotel were kind enough to guide us to. The central part of the island felt... for lack of a better word... shitty (think half-built buildings - it sort of felt like Mexico). But once you hit the coastline and it's little towns, it is absolutely gorgeous. When we weren't lounging at the hotel, we wandered out to discover the island (renting a car is a must!) We spent a day at Saint Paul's Bay - the water was crystal clear and warm, and the beach had a little cocktail hut that made *excellent* mojitos. Following the beach, we headed into Lindos, your picturesque, white, hillside town with lots little windy streets and amazing ocean views. Our final adventure was heading into Old Town Rhodes for an evening. We were not expecting the cuteness we found! Of course, I completely forgot to take any photos (I suppose you'll have to go yourself to see!) The town was historic and charming, we had great food, great rosé, and even I even found a sandal-maker to make me some custom sandals that I have been looking for everywhere! 
Overall, the trip was a definite success (with a hint of a tan to boot!)



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